The Line / Erinem

Recorded at 12 Studio in Atlanta, Georgia February 2020. This is a song about taking a risk, going all in, and laying it all on the line for the things you want in this world. 

Erinem / The Gambit

In chess, a gambit is a risky maneuver where one player sacrifices a piece in order to gain some strategic advantage over their opponent. Sometimes this happens by trapping the other player into capturing the sacrificial piece. For the player offering the gambit, this move opens up the board favorably if the gambit is accepted. Just as a gambit is about sacrifice in order to get ahead, so is this body of work.


This album is about the sacrifices that are required of anyone who pursues greatness in the music industry, especially in hip hop. In the title track, “The Gambit” the singer says, “you fight and you strive for this prize, but it comes at the highest price, you will have to sacrifice, for a slice of paradise... I hope you win the game, when you do, I hope you can, stand to, live with what, you lose, what will you choose?” This is a pervading theme throughout the album.


There will be sacrifices demanded to obtain this prize, and it will take everything that you have, that you love, that you've worked for. And if you’re lucky, the game may then allow you to keep playing, to keep participating in it. But rarely does this world let anyone in; more commonly, it just swallows you up. Erinem would give it all up for this.


It's The Gambit.

"Guess it's

always been,

Just me versus me,

I'm my only friend,

I'm my worst enemy"


"I'm a Jedi,

On a Red-Eye,

That sped by,

A dead guy
Going on a Boeing,

All the way to




"An Adonis in Adidas...
Ah-dah da-dah da-dee-tis, t
he only way To get through

To you is with Onomatopoeias!"


"I bring a battalion,

To battle

Megan Thee Stallion,

And throw a sub

At her,

But it isn't Italian"


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