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The Process

In a time where creative spaces are increasingly dominated by AI, Erinem has decided to devote considerable time and resources to evidencing her authorship. Recently, she began recording the process of making her music, using time-lapse videos and POV footage from a GoPro camera. Erinem began recording everything she did, starting with her recent release, "Speedrun." She intends to continue this effort, recording every part of the song making process; from making the beats, to writing the lyrics, recording, mixing, mastering, making the album art and merch - all of it. If you'd like to see that process, click the button below.

Erinem / Speedrun

Erinem's "SPEEDRUN" is a lyrical exploration into the rapid-fire pace of life and artistry, encapsulated within a dense weave of complex rhymes and vivid imagery. At its core, the song serves as a manifesto of the artist's relentless hustle and unyielding creative spirit. The lyrics are not just a display of technical proficiency but also a reflection on personal struggles, triumphs, and a defiant stance against mediocrity and conformity. Lyrical Complexity and Craftsmanship From the outset, Erinem sets a high bar for lyrical complexity. The song kicks off with a cascade of multisyllabic rhymes such as "battler," "lateral," "matador," and "cattle for," immediately setting a tone of verbal dexterity. This pattern is not just for show; it underscores the themes of struggle and confrontation that are prevalent throughout the track. Erinem uses these rhymes to knit together images of battling adversity and overcoming obstacles, effectively painting a picture of the artist as a gladiator in the arena of life. The second verse introduces a shift in tone and complexity with lines like "I'm a notable blonde zombie with a gold medal on me." Here, Erinem cleverly plays with internal rhymes and unusual imagery to describe resilience and uniqueness in the face of societal expectations. The reference to being "Saint Nickle-less" at Christmas cleverly blends humor with a commentary on commercialism and personal value, showcasing Erinem's skill in layering meanings through wordplay. Themes and Imagery "SPEEDRUN" is rife with imagery that ranges from the mundane to the fantastical. Erinem transitions smoothly from everyday scenarios to extraordinary claims, using metaphors and similes that challenge the listener's imagination. For example, the artist describes themselves as "a sideways whale with free will to swim straight," a line that not only highlights their uniqueness but also their determination to defy natural tendencies and societal labels. The recurring motif of speed and relentless movement is encapsulated in the chorus: "Spent time I can't earn back / So don't ask me to relax / Let me hustle till I collapse." This refrain is a powerful declaration of the artist's work ethic and urgency, reflecting a broader societal obsession with productivity and the fear of wasted time. It serves as both a personal statement and a critique, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives and priorities. Stylistic Elements Erinem's style is marked by a blend of aggression and wit, with a rhythmic delivery that complements the complex rhyme schemes. The use of jarring juxtapositions and shifts in tone keeps the listener engaged and emphasizes the chaotic nature of the artist's thoughts and experiences. Phrases like "kicking in your vision boards" and "mixing up every jar in your spice drawers" are visually striking and metaphorically rich, suggesting disruption and a refusal to adhere to prescribed life paths. Critical Perspective While "SPEEDRUN" is undoubtedly a showcase of Erinem's lyrical prowess, its dense composition might be overwhelming for some listeners. The rapid succession of complex rhymes and references requires attention and might detract from the song's emotional impact for those not versed in hip-hop's lyrical intricacies. However, for aficionados of the genre, the track is a treasure trove of clever wordplay and deep thematic exploration. Conclusion "SPEEDRUN" by Erinem is a compelling piece of art that combines high-level lyricism with introspective and often provocative themes. It challenges listeners to keep up with its breakneck pace and intellectual demands while offering a gritty, honest reflection on life's relentless race. Erinem's mastery of rhyme and rhythm not only confirms their technical skill but also their ability to convey deep personal and universal truths through music.

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Erinem / Leap

Erinem's "Leap," released on Leap Day 2024, is a bold entry into hip-hop, showcasing her talents a lyricist and producer. Sampling a D12 track and intricately producing beats, Erinem crafts a sound that's both innovative and respectful of hip-hop's heritage. Her lyrics, reminiscent of Eminem's sharp wit and depth, explore defiance and ambition, making "Leap" not just a song but a statement. Erinem's production prowess, particularly her handcrafted beats, adds a personal touch that elevates the track. While comparisons to Eminem are inevitable due to her lyrical finesse, "Leap" establishes Erinem's unique voice in the genre. The challenge for Erinem is to continue distinguishing herself, building on this strong foundation. In summary, "Leap" is a testament to Erinem's skill and potential. With its clever wordplay and engaging production, the track not only pays homage to hip-hop traditions but also signals Erinem's promising future in the music industry

Erinem / Chrysalis

In the ever-evolving world of rap, Erinem emerges as a force to be reckoned with through her latest track, "Chrysalis." The song is a whirlwind of raw energy and lyrical prowess, showcasing Erinem's unique style that echoes the intensity of legends like Eminem, yet carves out its own distinct path. "Chrysalis" is a masterful blend of complex rhymes and vivid imagery, transporting listeners into Erinem's transformative world. The song kicks off with a powerful verse that immediately captures attention. Erinem's skillful wordplay and clever metaphors are on full display, weaving a tapestry of themes that range from personal evolution to biting social commentary. Her lyrics are not just heard; they are felt. Phrases like "Just a dungeon born spongeaform, Warned ya before that my skin is worn and porous" not only demonstrate her command of language but also convey deep, introspective messages. Erinem's ability to balance aggression with introspection is a hallmark of "Chrysalis." The chorus, with its hauntingly catchy lines "Into this chrysalis, I'm coming back, Just a little bit different," serves as a metaphorical anchor, symbolizing rebirth and resilience. This theme is intricately woven throughout the song, as Erinem takes the listener on a journey through her psyche, exploring the depths of her creativity and grit. Musically, "Chrysalis" is a tour de force. Erinem's delivery is both fierce and nuanced, riding the beat with a natural ease that belies the complexity of her rhymes. The production complements her style perfectly, blending traditional hip-hop beats with contemporary sounds to create a backdrop that is both fresh and familiar. In conclusion, "Chrysalis" is a standout track that solidifies Erinem's place in the modern rap landscape. It's a song that demands attention, not just for its lyrical acumen, but for its emotional depth and artistic integrity. Erinem is not just a rapper; she's a storyteller, a poet, and "Chrysalis" is a compelling chapter in her ongoing narrative.

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Erinem / The Bad Side

In a world saturated with cookie-cutter beats and shallow lyrics, Erinem emerges as a force to be reckoned with. This talented female rapper, producer, and lyricist is bringing back the essence of old-school rap with her latest release, "The Bad Side." Inspired by influential artists like Eminem, Obie Trice, and D12, Erinem's raw talent and unwavering dedication shine through in this gritty and unapologetic anthem. "The Bad Side" immediately grabs your attention with its infectious energy and hard-hitting beats. Erinem, known for her emphasis on lyrical rap, wastes no time in delivering her message. The song's intro sets the tone, as Erinem expresses her frustration with the disappointments and letdowns she has experienced in life. It's a relatable sentiment that many can resonate with: A breaking point where you've had enough. The first verse sets the stage for Erinem's lyrical prowess. She denounces falling back and bending over backward for others, choosing instead to take a stand. Her words are like venomous smack, hitting hard and leaving a lasting impact. Erinem's impeccable flow and clever wordplay showcase her affinity for flack, as she comes back stronger than ever, fueled by a fire within her. On a warpath and with demons released, Erinem refuses to give in to doubt or offer the benefit of the doubt to those who have wronged her. Resentment becomes her incentive, and revenge takes a preemptive form. She shuts herself off from the temptation of letting people in, leaving sorry as an irrelevant word in her vocabulary. Erinem's unapologetic and unyielding approach is a reminder that sometimes, embracing our bad side is necessary for self-preservation. The hook amplifies Erinem's resolve, emphasizing that she's done with falling back. Despite the odds stacked against her, she refuses to give in or be silenced. The battle is far from over, and she emerges as the embodiment of the bad side—the prodigal son returning to claim what is rightfully hers. The imagery of cracking under pressure and being stabbed in the back adds to the intensity of the song, inviting listeners to unleash their own bad sides.

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EE - BW Spot.JPG
Erinem / Madhouse

Erinem's latest single, "Madhouse" (released March 24th, 2023) is a powerful statement of artistic perseverance, challenging the norms of the music industry with fierce defiance. Erinem's lyrics capture the frustration and pressure of conforming to popular styles, and the struggle to maintain a sense of individuality and creative freedom in the face of industry demands. Erinem's lyrics are carefully crafted, and the artist's delivery is powerful and evocative. The beat, which Erinem made from scratch, is energetic, moody and propulsive, driving the song forward with a relentless energy. Mixed and mastered by Erinem's longtime cohort, lead engineer and manager Guy Bartov. The final product is a polished and cohesive musical statement. The song opens with a sense of chaos and confusion, with Erinem rapping about the overwhelming feeling of being trapped in a "madhouse" of conflicting opinions and expectations. Erinem then explores the pressures and hardships of the music industry, including debt, manipulation, and a lack of honesty. Erinem's experience and resilience shine through in lines like "And let's just confess, it's not like they said, a few wear the crown but none get a head". The track's hook emphasizes the feeling of being trapped, while the verses explore Erinem's personal journey and the obstacles faced along the way. Erinem's delivery is powerful and evocative, driving home the song's message with an unrelenting intensity. Overall, "Madhouse" is a standout track that showcases Erinem's considerable talents as a rapper, producer, and visual artist. From the hand-drawn album art to the energetic beat and powerful lyrics, this song is a testament to Erinem's artistic vision and uncompromising spirit.

EE - BW Blue.JPG
Erinem / Saboteurs

"Saboteurs" is a new single by Erinem, released December 9th, 2022. The beat for this song was made entirely from scratch by Erinem. It was mixed and mastered by Erinem and Co-Producer Guy Bartov. The beat was created by sampling vinyl records, which Erinem found in the dollar bin at a used book store. The drums and baseline was laid out by Erinem, played on her AKAI MPK 249.  The bass arrangement is the work of Guy Bartov, and the sampling and drums are credited to Erinem. Together, Erinem and Co-Producer Guy Bartov mixed and mastered the track, as well.

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EE - BW Orange.JPG
Erinem / Iconic!

"Iconic!" is a new single by Erinem, released August 19th, 2022. It took Erinem and Co-Producer Guy Bartov over 5 months to take this song from concept to final bounce out. It was countless long days and even longer nights to bring this song to fruition. "Iconic!" is, at the time of this publication, currently the record holder for Fastest Verse in a Hit Rap Song, beating out “Godzilla” by Eminem, by what Erinem calls “a few humble syllables.” Beginning on the track immediately after releasing her 2022 EP, Y.B.A.L.A., fans were starting to wonder when Erinem would release her next project. But Erinem promised this showcase track would be well worth the wait. Part of the reason this song took so many months to complete was thanks to the Guinness World Record Breaking fast verse. Covering the last 30 seconds of the song (@2:22) where Erinem raps an incredible 11.2005 syllables per second for 30.36 seconds straight. This not only obliterated the records held by the fastest female rappers, but she also broke several records held by male rappers. Most stunningly, Erinem beat Eminem's Guinness World Record for "Fastest Verse in a Hit Rap Song" -- as well as several other notable records similar to this one. If Iconic! becomes a hit song, she will take the world record. But, Erinem says she didn't attempt to go faster in order to take the world record from Eminem, but rather, she did it because she likes to challenge herself against the greats at their greatest.

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EE - BW Purple.JPG
Erinem / Y.B.A.L.A.

The concept behind Y.B.A.L.A. lies in the full album title: You Bitches Ain't Listening Anyway. In an age where our attention span is shorter than ever, and everything on our phones is vying for a moment of that attention, the album speaks to the problematic place an artist is now in, where they have to grab the attention of the listener who very often has better things to do than to give an unheard-of artist their time of day. It can often feel like nobody is listening, or that you’re being ignored. It feels like you’re screaming but no one can hear you, in a time in our world where we have to use stickers to beg our audience on social media to please put their “sound on!” This album is a way of saying “I’m done trying to please the industry, to please the audience, to please the people. I’m done pursuing popularity and pleading with people to listen to what I have to say. Instead, I’m just going to say it. Why should you care that I’m not what you want me to be? You’re not listening anyway.” Erinem is a talented hip hop artist who is shaking up the rap scene with her latest EP, Y.B.A.L.A. The album's title, which stands for 'you bitches ain't listening anyway', perfectly encapsulates the rebellious spirit and fierce attitude that Erinem brings to her music. Each track on Y.B.A.L.A. is a powerful statement, showcasing Erinem's rhyming skills, sharp lyrics and unique flow. Her style is raw and unapologetic, reflecting her fearless approach to expressing herself through rap.

EE - BW Yellow.JPG
Erinem / The Gambit

In chess, a gambit is a risky maneuver where one player sacrifices a piece in order to gain some strategic advantage over their opponent. Sometimes this happens by trapping the other player into capturing the sacrificial piece. For the player offering the gambit, this move opens up the board favorably if the gambit is accepted. Just as a gambit is about sacrifice in order to get ahead, so is this body of work. This album is about the sacrifices that are required of anyone who pursues greatness in the music industry, especially in hip hop. In the title track, “The Gambit” the singer says, “you fight and you strive for this prize, but it comes at the highest price, you will have to sacrifice, for a slice of paradise... I hope you win the game, when you do, I hope you can, stand to, live with what, you lose, what will you choose?” This is a pervading theme throughout the album. There will be sacrifices demanded to obtain this prize, and it will take everything that you have, that you love, that you've worked for. And if you’re lucky, the game may then allow you to keep playing, to keep participating in it. But rarely does this world let anyone in; more commonly, it just swallows you up. Erinem would give it all up for this. It's The Gambit.

EE - BW Green Red.JPG
The Line / Erinem

Recorded at 12 Studio in Atlanta, Georgia February 2020. This is a song about taking a risk, going all in, and laying it all on the line for the things you want in this world. 

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"Guess it's

always been,

Just me versus me,

I'm my only friend,

I'm my worst enemy"


"I'm a Jedi,

On a Red-Eye,

That sped by,

A dead guy
Going on a Boeing,

All the way to




"An Adonis in Adidas...
Ah-dah da-dah da-dee-tis, t
he only way To get through

To you is with Onomatopoeias!"


"I bring a battalion,

To battle

Megan Thee Stallion,

And throw a sub

At her,

But it isn't Italian"


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