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Want a Feature with Erinem?

Review Your Options.

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Feature Option 1:

Your Verse on Erinem's Song

Elevate your music career with the exclusive $1500 Collaboration Package! This unique offer guarantees a feature on an Erinem song, expertly mixed, mastered, and promoted across social media. Experience the benefits of professional mixing and mastering, as well as in-house professional marketing, targeted Meta ads, and more. Your song will also be on Release Radar with other potential Spotify playlist exposure. Join forces with Erinem and tap into a dedicated fan base, boosting your presence in the music world!


Feature Option 2:

Erinem's Verse on Your Song

Unlock the power of collaboration with the $500 Feature Package! Receive a personalized verse from Erinem for your own song, crafted with precision and passion. Experience the unmatched quality of Erinem's production and vocal skills, and retain full control over your track's mixing, mastering, and promotion. This is an affordable way to get a guaranteed feature from Erinem. Ignite your music with the creative spark of a renowned artist – invest in your success today!


Feature Option 3:

Audition Instead

Take a shot at winning a feature verse with the $10 Audition Option! This affordable package gives you a chance to earn a feature verse from Erinem for your song, purely based on its merit. Showcase your incredible talent! if you're chosen, you pay nothing else. If you're not chosen, you'll still receive valuable feedback, straight from Erinem. Erinem will write a personal song review, intended to help you grow as an artist. Plus, enjoy a $20 coupon off the $500 collaboration package if your song isn't chosen. Seize the opportunity – your feature opportunity could be just a $10 audition away!


Ready to Make it Happen?

Choose a Feature Package that Works for You.

  • Erinem Featuring You

    Erinem's Song Featuring You
    • Get YOUR Verse as a Feature on an Erinem Song.
    • $20,000 Mixing & Mastering Treatment For Your Verse
    • Pro Mixed & Mastered by In-House Engineer Guy Bartov.
    • We Supply the Beat (Produced by Erinem).
    • Your Vocals are Professionally Attenuated & Treated.
    • We Distribute the Song to All DSP's.
    • We Submit the Song to Spotify Editorial Playlists.
    • Your Feature will be on Algorithmic Playlist "Release Radar"
    • Your Feature will be Heard by Erinem's Entire Audience.
    • We Will Market & Promote the Song for at Least 2 Weeks.
    • We Run Meta Conversion Ads for the Song.
    • Boost Followers and Engagement Across IG/FB.
    • Gain Followers on Spotify, as well as Streams & Listeners.
    • Erinem will Post and Promote the Song Across Social
    • We Handle the Album Art, Graphic Rollout, & Ad Campaigns.
    • Be Linked to Erinem on Spotify & Other DSPs!
  • Suitable for Most

    You Featuring Erinem

    Your Song Featuring Erinem
    • Send Us Your Song with an Open Verse for Erinem.
    • You'll Have a Chance to Upload During Checkout.
    • For Non-English Songs, Please Upload a Lyrics Document.
    • Your Song Will Have a Feature Verse from Erinem.
    • Erinem Records a Feature on the Open Verse.
    • We Send You a File with her Vocals, Already Produced.
    • You Add Her Vocals to the Open Verse on Your Song.
    • It Is Your Responsibility to Mix & Master Your Song.
    • It Is Your Responsibility to Distribute & Release Your Song.
    • It is Your Responsibility to Promote & Market Your Song.
    • Engage a New Audience with a Feature Verse from Erinem.
  • Audition Instead

    Can't Afford To Buy a Feature? Pay a Small Fee to Audition.
    • Send Us Your Best Song (Leave an Open Verse).
    • If It's Exceptionally Good, Erinem Might Record a Feature.
    • You're Paying for a Chance, Not a Guaranteed Feature.
    • If Chosen, Your Song Will Get a Feature Verse from Erinem.
    • If Chosen, You Pay No Additional Fees For the Feature.
    • Get Valuable Feedback on Your Song, Written by Erinem
    • Erinem Will Write You 1000+ Word Review of Your Song
    • Erinem Will Give Advice on How to Improve Your Music
    • Includes $20-Off Coupon, Valid on the $500 Feature Package.
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