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Custom Beats x Erinem

To hear demos of Erinem's production across many genres, scroll down. To check our pricing menu, click the button blow to jump to the bottom. 

Basic Beat Package

Includes one custom beat, produced by Erinem, and sent as a single .wav file. Perfect for a two-track mix.

Pro Beat Package

Includes everything from the basic package, plus all stems, pre-mixed and arranged. This is great for anyone who plans to have their song professionally mixed.

Full Beat Package

The works. Includes everything from the Basic and Pro packages, plus the stems, midi regions, project file, wet and dry stems options, and free vinyl sampling added to the beat if desired. 

Demo Erinem's Production

Want an Exclusive License Beat Custom Made by Erinem?

Select The Package That Suits Your Song Needs

  • Suitable For Most

    Basic Beat Package

    Custom Beat by Erinem, Mixed-Down & Ready for Your Two-Track
    • Includes a Mixed-Down .Wav File of Your Beat
    • Exclusive License
    • Pre-Mixed and Ready for Vocals
    • Custom Beat, Made When You Order It
    • Unlimited Use, Unlimited Monetization
    • Real Vinyl Samples (Available By Request)
    • Bespoke Melodies, Made from Scratch
    • Bespoke Drum & Bass, Made From Scratch
    • $20,000 Worth of Studio Equipment Used
    • *No Revisions
    • *Does Not Include Stem Files
  • Pro Beat Package

    Includes All the Instrument Stems: Pre-Mixed and Arranged.
    • Includes All Instrument Stems as Separate .Wav Files
    • Lightly Pre-Mixed to Give You a Head-Start in Your Project
    • Exclusive License
    • 1 Revision Request Allowed
    • Pre-Arranged According To Your Specifications
    • Bespoke Melodies, Made From Scratch
    • Bespoke Drum & Bass, Made From Scratch
    • Real Vinyl Samples (Available On Request)
    • Complete Versatility with Stems You Can Re-Arrange & Adjust
    • Hand-Played Top Lines & Layered 808s, Unique to Your Beat
    • *Does Not Include Project File or MIDI Regions
  • Full Beat Package

    The Works. Includes Stems, Plus MIDI Regions & Project File
    • Includes All Instrument Stems as Separate .Wav Files
    • Includes MIDI Regions as Additional MIDI Files
    • Exclusive License
    • Includes Project File (Allows For Adjustments on Sends)
    • Bespoke Melodies, Hand Crafted and Precisely Effected
    • Bespoke Drum & Bass, Hand Crafted and Precisely Attenuated
    • Layered Top-Lines Include Melodic Leads and Harmonies
    • Layered Sub-Bass, Attenuated for Universal Playback
    • Layered Drum Lines, Uniquely Sequenced for Your Beat
    • Expertly Pre-Mixed to Start You Off On Your Song Project
    • Custom Tailored Using $20,000 Worth of Software/Hardware
    • Up to 3 Revisions
    • Rush Delivery Available
    • Shout Out From Erinem Across All Social Platforms
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