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Erinem in the Media

Erinem's first studio album, "The Gambit" (released February, 2021), enjoyed wide critical acclaim, and was well received in the blog circuit. 


Erinem's 2022 album, "Y.B.A.L.A." (released in March) received an even warmer reception by the press, with critical reviews appearing in The Source, ThisIs50, Hip Hop Weekly, Boom Bap Nation and more. 

Erinem's acclaimed single, "Iconic!" (released in August, 2022) enjoyed another placement in ThisIs50.


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"Erinem is a force with the pen; her ability to craft intricate and complex rhyme schemes interlaced with wordplay and punchlines sets her apart from every other rapper in the game. As if that weren't enough, Erinem pushes the boundaries of her skillet even farther in her latest single, adding World Record speed to her growing list of accolades. Midway through the third verse of "Iconic!" Erinem launches into a super sonic speed verse, rapping at an incredible 11.2 syllables per second for 30 seconds straight. Not only has she blown away her competition in terms of female fast-rappers, she's beaten the best records of the male fast- rappers, too."



"Erinem has attained a level of penmanship that is above humanly possible. Her craft is on full display in her recently-released studio album, “Y.B.A.L.A.”... [which] takes storytelling to new heights, as Erinem does something only the best can: tell a story from varying perspectives without diluting the images or wit of her bars... Erinem's New Album Y.B.A.L.A. has the potential to break the industry."


"Erinem’s second studio album, “Y.B.A.L.A.”  ... starts off with a rhyme-scheme-heavy flow of intricate and complex wordplay structures from a punchline guru. The album is rebellious, going against the new regime of industry leaders caging artists to conform to social media shenanigans to appease their faint attention span and need for lackluster music. Erinem is breaking the mold and standing on what hip hop was meant to be.

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"Erinem strikes again with her A-game as she delivers bold punchline after punchline, yet infectious with each drop. From beginning to end Erinem's originality, unique style, and flow exude infectiousness that can't be mimicked. Her unyielding talent to weave together quotable punchlines and rhyme schemes keep her music prominent and ever-evolving."


"[Y.B.A.L.A. has] the perfect blend of lyricism and wordplay canvased effortlessly by complex rhymes. One thing for certain can be said about “Y.B.A.L.A.” (You Bitches Ain’t Listening Anyway), it brings forth honest experiences that both show Erinem’s growth and her ability to hold her own and stand her own ground in and out of the booth. The young emcee has a knack for putting together rhyme schemes along with quotable punchlines that drive her music and keep her music relevant in any era of Hip Hop."


"Erinem is back since her 2021 album “The Gambit.” This 5-track EP has a totally different vibe and sound to what she has previously released. We would say this project has a mix of high paced energy and emotion, while still keeping true to her signature style of unorthodox lyricism and creative storytelling. Even though this was a short EP, the beats on this front to back are all dope and cater to her style as a student of lyricism. “You”, and “Anyway” are staying in rotation in our opinion. This project earns a solid 7/10."


"[Erinem] caught the industry's attention with her 2021 project, "The Gambit".  12 months later, she's back with a brand new sound, style and message. Her new release is a 5 song EP entitled, "Y.B.A.L.A." which is an acronym for "You Bitches Ain’t Listening Anyway." It's a funny title because this project feels curated specifically for her real listeners. You can hear a strong influence of Eminem's style and sound in her delivery. The beats, the circus themed loops, and the lyrics mesh well... [Y.B.A.L.A.] is definitely one to add to your new music playlist.


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Spitfire Hiphop

Erinem Drops 'The Gambit' EP

"The triple threat of a rapper, producer, and avid lyricist, Erinem delivers "The Gambit" in an uncanny spoken word meets Slim Shady fashion. The intense lyricism is raw in substance and strategic with clever punchlines. Erinem unleashes her skilled craft consistently throughout the project's entirety without leaving any gaps or the need to skip tracks."

The Gambit Review

"Erinem introduces us to her world of rap through a routine of calculated deliveries, precise rhythms, and gritty subjects. Her persona of a lethal battle rapper takes center stage as she delivers jabs with her gloves off. Her cadence and flow strongly reminded me of Eminem who is one of her biggest influences. I couldn't help but draw parallels between Erinem's and Eminem's styles. Both are rappers who rose despite being underdogs."

The Gambit Review - Sochmore Blog
The Gambit Review - The Weekly Beat

Rapper x Producer Erinem Drops Cutting Edge New Album "The Gambit"

"I must admit, when this next Tyler, Texas based artist's EPK came across my desk, I got excited. Upon first glance, the musical tastemaker in me thought I was getting a first listen at [Eminem's] new project. But coming up next is actually a dope lyricist who goes by the name Erinem... both have cool flow structure, crispy lyrics, and an affinity for baggy hoodies. Her story is one of struggle, grit, and triumph."

Erinem's Edgy New EP "The Gambit"

"Texas-based artist Erinem releases a game-changing 8-track EP titled 'The Gambit.' 'The Gambit' is a crucial piece of work for anyone considering entering the music industry. Erinem touches on ultimate sacrifices, how to maneuver around, and most importantly how to outthink and outsmart the competition."

The Gambit Review - OTSNY

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