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Erinem / The Bad Side

In a world saturated with cookie-cutter beats and shallow lyrics, Erinem emerges as a force to be reckoned with. This talented female rapper, producer, and lyricist is bringing back the essence of old school rap with her latest release, "The Bad Side." Inspired by influential artists like Eminem, Obie Trice, and D12, Erinem's raw talent and unwavering dedication shine through in this gritty and unapologetic anthem.

"The Bad Side" immediately grabs your attention with its infectious energy and hard-hitting beats. Erinem, known for her emphasis on lyrical rap, wastes no time in delivering her message. The song's intro sets the tone, as Erinem expresses her frustration with the disappointments and letdowns she has experienced in life. It's a relatable sentiment that many can resonate with—a breaking point where you've had enough.

The first verse sets the stage for Erinem's lyrical prowess. She denounces falling back and bending over backward for others, choosing instead to take a stand. Her words are like venomous smack, hitting hard and leaving a lasting impact. Erinem's impeccable flow and clever wordplay showcase her affinity for flack, as she comes back stronger than ever, fueled by a fire within her.

On a warpath and with demons released, Erinem refuses to give in to doubt or offer the benefit of the doubt to those who have wronged her. Resentment becomes her incentive, and revenge takes a preemptive form. She shuts herself off from the temptation of letting people in, leaving sorry as an irrelevant word in her vocabulary. Erinem's unapologetic and unyielding approach is a reminder that sometimes, embracing our bad side is necessary for self-preservation.

The hook amplifies Erinem's resolve, emphasizing that she's done with falling back. Despite the odds stacked against her, she refuses to give in or be silenced. The battle is far from over, and she emerges as the embodiment of the bad side—the prodigal son returning to claim what is rightfully hers. The imagery of cracking under pressure and being stabbed in the back adds to the intensity of the song, inviting listeners to unleash their own bad sides.

Verse two continues Erinem's lyrical assault, as she dismantles those who skate by without real substance. With sharp wit and clever metaphors, she dismisses those who pretend to be something they're not. Erinem's confidence is unwavering as she takes control, firmly grasping the aux cord to dictate the direction of her own success. She calls out the fakeness and the roadblocks that other artist's employee, which she believes hinder genuine talent from shining.

The intensity rises as Erinem's frustration reaches its peak. She refuses to acknowledge the fame-seeking posers who rely on bot playlists and shallow tricks. Their lack of genuine talent becomes evident as Erinem effortlessly outshines them. Her lyrical prowess is unmatched, and she asserts that they wouldn't survive in the music industry as mere locusts, devoid of substance or originality.

In the midst of the verbal onslaught, Erinem's passion becomes palpable. Her words are a weapon, a venomous pen that stings those who fail to acknowledge her talent. With subliminal shots and outgunning criminal plots, she leaves no room for doubt—she is a force to be reckoned with. The last straw has been drawn, and Erinem emerges as the outcome—the embodiment of her own unyielding spirit.

As "The Bad Side" concludes, the outro leaves a lasting impression. Erinem's determination to expose the truth and fight against injustice shines through. She understands that there are various ways to achieve a goal, but she only needs one—her raw talent and unapologetic approach. The bitterness she carries is akin to biting into the center of a lemon, a sharp reminder that everyone has a sinner and a bad side within them.

Erinem's "The Bad Side" is a testament to her exceptional talent as both a rapper and a producer. Her self-produced beat features layered stadium kicks and anthemic synths that create a captivating backdrop for her lyrical assault. 

The Bad Side is out now! It is available everywhere music is streamed. Click the button below to choose your platform.



"Erinem has attained a level of penmanship that is above humanly possible. Her new album Y.B.A.L.A. has the potential to break the industry."

The Source Magazine

    Shawn Grant




RELEASED 03.24.2023

Anchor 1



RELEASED 07.05.2021

"If I win, it's cuz I was driven. I worked hard,

like it was my job, one I had to pay to do,

and this shit still ain't earned me a living,

but it's all I wanna do"



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