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Erinem / Speedrun


Erinem's "SPEEDRUN" is a lyrical exploration into the rapid-fire pace of life and artistry, encapsulated within a dense weave of complex rhymes and vivid imagery. At its core, the song serves as a manifesto of the artist's relentless hustle and unyielding creative spirit. The lyrics are not just a display of technical proficiency but also a reflection on personal struggles, triumphs, and a defiant stance against mediocrity and conformity. Lyrical Complexity and Craftsmanship From the outset, Erinem sets a high bar for lyrical complexity. The song kicks off with a cascade of multisyllabic rhymes such as "battler," "lateral," "matador," and "cattle for," immediately setting a tone of verbal dexterity. This pattern is not just for show; it underscores the themes of struggle and confrontation that are prevalent throughout the track. Erinem uses these rhymes to knit together images of battling adversity and overcoming obstacles, effectively painting a picture of the artist as a gladiator in the arena of life. The second verse introduces a shift in tone and complexity with lines like "I'm a notable blonde zombie with a gold medal on me." Here, Erinem cleverly plays with internal rhymes and unusual imagery to describe resilience and uniqueness in the face of societal expectations. The reference to being "Saint Nickle-less" at Christmas cleverly blends humor with a commentary on commercialism and personal value, showcasing Erinem's skill in layering meanings through wordplay. Themes and Imagery "SPEEDRUN" is rife with imagery that ranges from the mundane to the fantastical. Erinem transitions smoothly from everyday scenarios to extraordinary claims, using metaphors and similes that challenge the listener's imagination. For example, the artist describes themselves as "a sideways whale with free will to swim straight," a line that not only highlights their uniqueness but also their determination to defy natural tendencies and societal labels. The recurring motif of speed and relentless movement is encapsulated in the chorus: "Spent time I can't earn back / So don't ask me to relax / Let me hustle till I collapse." This refrain is a powerful declaration of the artist's work ethic and urgency, reflecting a broader societal obsession with productivity and the fear of wasted time. It serves as both a personal statement and a critique, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives and priorities. Stylistic Elements Erinem's style is marked by a blend of aggression and wit, with a rhythmic delivery that complements the complex rhyme schemes. The use of jarring juxtapositions and shifts in tone keeps the listener engaged and emphasizes the chaotic nature of the artist's thoughts and experiences. Phrases like "kicking in your vision boards" and "mixing up every jar in your spice drawers" are visually striking and metaphorically rich, suggesting disruption and a refusal to adhere to prescribed life paths. Critical Perspective While "SPEEDRUN" is undoubtedly a showcase of Erinem's lyrical prowess, its dense composition might be overwhelming for some listeners. The rapid succession of complex rhymes and references requires attention and might detract from the song's emotional impact for those not versed in hip-hop's lyrical intricacies. However, for aficionados of the genre, the track is a treasure trove of clever wordplay and deep thematic exploration. Conclusion "SPEEDRUN" by Erinem is a compelling piece of art that combines high-level lyricism with introspective and often provocative themes. It challenges listeners to keep up with its breakneck pace and intellectual demands while offering a gritty, honest reflection on life's relentless race. Erinem's mastery of rhyme and rhythm not only confirms their technical skill but also their ability to convey deep personal and universal truths through music.

SPEEDRUN is out now! It is available everywhere music is streamed. Click the button below to choose your platform.



"Erinem has attained a level of penmanship that is above humanly possible. Her new album Y.B.A.L.A. has the potential to break the industry."

The Source Magazine

    Shawn Grant




RELEASED 03.24.2023

Anchor 1



RELEASED 07.05.2021

"If I win, it's cuz I was driven. I worked hard,

like it was my job, one I had to pay to do,

and this shit still ain't earned me a living,

but it's all I wanna do"



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