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Erinem / Madhouse

Madhouse is a new song by Erinem, released officially on 03.24.23. It is a fast-paced, hard-hitting track that addresses the challenges and frustrations of the music industry. The lyrics speak to the pressure to conform to certain styles and expectations, and the struggle to maintain one's individuality and creativity in the face of these demands. The hook emphasizes the feeling of being trapped in a "madhouse," while the verses explore the artist's personal journey and the obstacles they've faced along the way. Overall, the song is a powerful statement of defiance and perseverance in the face of adversity.


Erinem produced every sonic element of the beat for this track. She hand crafted synths, sampled old records, and shaped her own 808's and snares from scratch. To make the beat for Madhouse, Erinem sampled several classic vinyl records, while the melody and bass elements were hand crafted synths (no sauce swiping) which she played out herself on her MPK and MPD. The drums included a multitude of hits and layers, all hand programed by Erinem. The beat is one of the most frequent elements people appreciate and remark on when listening to this song.

Erinem hand drew the album art for this project (go to the gallery page and zoom in to see all the tiny details).


The beat was produced entirely by Erinem, Lyrics and performance by Erinem. The track was mixed and mastered at Abacus Studio (Erinem's studio). The engineer responsible for tracking, mixing, and mastering was her longtime manager and co-producer, Guy Bartov.

Madhouse is out now! It is available everywhere music is streamed. Click the button below to choose your platform.



"Erinem has attained a level of penmanship that is above humanly possible. Her new album Y.B.A.L.A. has the potential to break the industry."

The Source Magazine

    Shawn Grant

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RELEASED 08.19.2022

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